TICAD video & thoughts on Korea's development practice :: 2008. 6. 5. 23:01

TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development), Yokohama, 28-30 May, 2008

China...and...Japan all rushing to Africa...

resources resources resources... resouce is a double-edged sword...
it's something everyone wants and needs, yet so difficult to put them all in one basket.
strategies strategies strategies?

China, and Japan...
What about Korea and Africa? Korea Eximbank's EDCF (Economic Development Cooperaton Fund)
recently opened its first African office in Tanzania. It's quite late a step considering the fact that the fund became effective in 1987, but I guess it's also a new beginning. My question is though, how many African experts or specialists or development practitioners are there in Korea?

Korean ODA is said to be focused on promoting human security in line with the MDGs. But every time I read through its projects and reports, it doesn't really look into the root-cause of poverty, nor does it take a rights-based approach (like many other int'l dev orgs). It seems like the Korean government is just focused on "needs" and giving piecemeal solutions.

One other thing that I was gaping at was the sectoral priorities of KOICA. They've put Environment and Gender under one sector. Of course every sector is interlinked with each other, but putting these two under one heading??? To me, it just seems like they've put together two things they deem the least important.

The Gender issue seems to be thrown everywhere. In the MDGs, goals and targets on gender (women) are so inadequate. It's mostly linked with education, but nothing really more. Nothing really specific. There's nothing really on, for example, reproductive health, or adult female literacy.

And on Environment... there's so much missing from Korea's development discourse....