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Africa leads in mobile phone subscription

Sunday 28 September 2008
Fredrick Mugira, AfricaNews reporter in Kampala, Uganda

The world could reach its four billion mark of mobile phone subscribers by end of 2008, if the drastic increase in mobile phone usage in Africa continues. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said Africa remains the region with the highest annual growth rate in mobile phone subscribers.

In a press statement, Dr. Hamadoun Touré, the ITU Secretary- General describes this as a viable business opportunity. He said the African continent added over 60 million new mobile subscribers and it represents some 90 percent of all telephone subscribers, and mobile penetration in the region is close to 30 percent.

He added: “Less than 65 million new subscribers during 2007. At the beginning of 2008, there were over a quarter of a billion mobile subscribers on the continent. Mobile penetration has risen from just one in 50 people at the beginning of this century to almost one third of the population today. Mobile subscribers are also now more evenly distributed.”

“The fact that four billion subscribers have been registered worldwide indicates that it is technically feasible to connect the world to the benefits of ICT and that it is a viable business opportunity," said Dr Touré. “Clearly, ICTs have the potential to act as catalysts to achieve the 2015 targets of the MDGs.”

He was speaking at the high-level events on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in New York, where he also participated in the UN Private Sector Forums addressing the global food crisis and the role of technological innovation in meeting the MDGs.


"아프라카 사람들한테 핸드폰 쥐어주고 싶어" 라고 말한 적이 있다-지금보다 정말 한-참 어렸을 때. ^^
이젠 그게 현실이 된지 오래고 그들만의  mobile culture가 생겨나고 있다. Some people even say that the future of Africa is Mobile.

MDG Goal 8 Target 18 ICTs에 관련된 항목이 나온다 (너무 늦게 나오는거 아니냐는 생각을 하게끔 만드는...):

"In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, specifically information and communications."

Commision for Africa (2004)에 의하면:
Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important to African countries:

• as an infrastructure service - improving efficiency of markets, promoting investment, reducing risk from disasters, and contributing to empowerment;
• as an economic sector – mobile operators can make big profits, and pay taxes;
• as a development tool – case studies present innovative applications where mobile phones have increased the efficiency of service delivery to the poor (e.g. weather information, market prices), or opened opportunities for new services e.g. tracking of diseases
• as a household expenditure that maintains social capital and contributes to economic management

무한한 가능성게 (+ -) 을 내포하고 있는  ICT가 개발에 어떤 영향을 미칠까- 정말 흥미로운 주제다. ICT4D에 관심이 많은데 어떻게, 어느분야에 어떻게 implement되고 어떤 impact가 있는지 더 공부해 보고 싶다.

미디어를 공부하다 보면 나도 모르게 그냥 본능적으로 개발과 연관 짓게되는데 그러다보면 상상이 무한대로 질주한다. '이거랑 이거랑 이렇게 하면 뭔가 되지 않을까?' 라고 생각하고 구글에 치면 벌써 그런 project가 진행되고 있는 경우가 많다. 시간여유가 좀 생기면 좀 정리 좀 해봐야지.

우선은 마지막 남은 시험공부...T_T