UNU Global Seminar 2007 :: 2007. 6. 26. 16:13

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Date / Venue:

3 (Tuesday) - 7 (Saturday) July 2007 / Handong Global University


    - United Nations University (UNU)
    - Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU)
    - Handong Global University


The overall theme of this year’s Seminar is “Education for Global Peace and Sustainable Development”, and the Seminar will address Regional issues - Peace and Community Building in Northeast Asia, Global issues - Toward a World of Sustainable Development, Education for global peace and development, Global prosperity and global enterprises, and Global development and role of IGOs & NGOs. In a world of war, genocide, poverty, disease, natural disasters and environmental degradation, it is urgent for us, as global citizens to pull together in response to the crises that are happening in various parts of the world. Therefore, the main objective of this year’s seminar is to highlight the challenges in attaining a peaceful and sustainable future and discuss how best to achieve it.

The Seminar Structure:

The UNU Global Seminar: Pohang Session 2007 will consist of two keynote lectures offering an overview of the theme of the seminar followed by eight lectures on various global issues. In addition to the lecture, participants will have opportunities to discuss the ideas of the lectures in small discussion groups, through which the participants will prepare presentations to be given on the last day of the seminar. The seminar also includes field trips to institutions and sights of relevance to the seminar. The Opening Ceremony and the keynote lectures on 3 July will be open to the public.