[APCEIU] Int'l Symposium & Youth MDGs Forum :: 2007. 9. 5. 00:28

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Youth MDG Forum position paper

Youth MDGs Forum
September 4, 2007

▶ Round Table Discussion:
Round table discussants will be selected based on the recommendations from Graduate School of International Studies and the selection criteria set by APCEIU

Ref No. University Name Nationality
1 Seoul National
University, GSIS
Matthew Kim Dowling Australian
2 Seoul National
University, GSIS
Gi-Chung Lee Korean
3 Graduate Institute of
Peace Studies,
Kyung Hee University
Ene Tuyliyeva Turkmenistan
4 Graduate Institute of
Peace Studies,
Kyung Hee University
Jae-Woong Lee American
5 Ewha Womans
University, GSIS
Ji Hyun Kim Korean
6 Ewha Womans
University, GSIS
Sara Hilda Carias Flores Honduran
7 Ewha Womans
University, GSIS
Christine-Ann Mcken Jamaican
8 Kyunghee University,
Pan-Asia GSIS
Kamran Asaf Pakistan
9 Kyunghee University,
Pan-Asia GSIS
Yoo Jin Jeong Korean
10 Sogang University, GSIS Tobias Lehmann German
11 Hankook Univ of
Foreign Studies, GSIS
Myeon Joa Kim Korean
12 KDI School of Public
Policy and Management
Rodrigo Vasquez Solis Guatemalan
13 KDI School of Public
Policy and Management
Yara Tatyana Vasquez Puerto Honduran
14 Korea University DIS Youjin Chung Korean
15 Kyungpook
National University
Laxmisha Rai Indian

▶ General Discussion (wrap-up discussion):
Around 150 Korean/foreign undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in the MDGs and EIU will participate in the general discussion by in-advance registration on a first-come-first-served basis.

pictures from http://picasaweb.google.co.kr/jhwon80/YouthMDGsForum :)
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Director Kang, UNESCO-APCEIU

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group photo

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Session2: Universal Primary Education (UPE)

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Tobias speaking...

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Permeating Quality thru UPE

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Sara, GiChung & Myeonjoa 언니

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LG Convention Hall, Ewha Womans University

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reading the

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UPE group :)

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Kamran playin with my camera

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    hi youjin,
    This symposium was held with A-P consultation meeting on EIU. Can you tell me where I can find the photos of than meeting?
    Thank in advance,